4 Essentials to Jump from Employee to Entrepreneur

By January 17, 2017Blog, Featured

Becoming a full time entrepreneur was one of the most exciting and scariest thing I’ve done (so far). When I stood still and assessed where I was in life, the desire to live out my purpose and leave a legacy for my children far outweighed any perceived risk.  Are you at a similar crossroad? I respectfully offer you four keys to consider on the journey.


Take an honest and concise look at your overall finances.  Track your income and expense and what will change once you’re the “Boss” (medical coverage, retirement plan, college tuition).  Having a Business Plan helps you forecast instead of reacting.  Look forward into your business to see how market shifts and industry trends may impact your bottom line.  A great resource for budding entrepreneurs is the “Start Up” book series by Entrepreneur Magazine.


You don’t know what you don’t know.  Take the time to invest in training and get the support you need in areas of Personal Development, Marketing and Sales. Do you need a website? I would venture and say yes. You don’t need to spend a fortune but you need a place to direct potential clients.  Sites like Fiverr.com offer landing pages and logo creation for as little as $5.


Start networking within your industry and doing research. Do you need a brick-and-mortar business or can you start offering your services online? Can you operate your business while still working your 9-5?  Start building your client list by offering your services locally.  This allows you to test your product or services to see what’s in-demand.  A lot of times we can get overwhelm by what we “need” to start and end up doing nothing.  Identify 3 steps you can take today to move closer to your goal.


Believe in yourself!  Know your strengths and identify those thoughts that are holding you back.  Too many people are afraid of venturing out because of the negative self-talk that says “you’re not good enough”, “not smart enough”.  You have to tackle those lies head-on.  With prayer, self-reflection and doing the required internal work you can shift your mindset and succeed.

Go ahead!  Jump into your entrepreneurial greatness and make a positive impact in your family, community and your country.


Keynote Speaker

Agata Domond is a captivating Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Career/Talent Development Coach.  She specializes in individual and group training for Career placement and advancement.  Agata is a Certified John Maxwell Coach and member of Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.  Invite Agata to speak or train at your organization. E-mail agata@domondem.com or visit www.DomondEM.com

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