The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GAHCCI) is organized for educational purposes to advance the business and economic interests of the Haitian-American community in the State of Georgia, and to promote bi-lateral trade and investment in Haiti.

These purposes include:

  1. Build the business and technical capacity of Haitian Business Owners and Professionals in the State of Georgia.
  2. Provide coaching and mentoring services to Haitian businesses to promote longevity, growth and increase profitability.
  3. Advance the financial Literacy, economic capacity and quality of services available to the Haitian community.
  4. Groom and educate young Haitian-American leaders through Pwochen Lidè, the Future Leaders Scholarship Program.
  5. Groom and educate the future leaders of Haiti through the B.E.L. Initiative.
  6. Promote awareness and increase participation of the Haitian business community in the wider economy.
  7. Foster collaboration with other civic organizations working to advance economic development.
  8. Advance entrepreneurship among the Haitian Diaspora and in Haiti.
  9. Build trade and investment in Haiti through trade missions focused on agriculture and tourism.

The GAHCCI will undertake initiatives and events to support the fulfillment of its mission and activities. Initiatives and events include but are not limited to:  Workshops & Seminars, Networking Events, Trade Missions, Exchange Programs, Haitian Art Exhibits, Cultural Events, Athletic Events and Academic Symposia.