Shaping the Future Leaders of Haiti

Fifty by 2030:  By 2030, there are fifty (50) BEL Initiative alumni with Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in Haiti. They are leading the way, and building Haiti, a developed nation.

The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce our 2017 B.E.L. Initiative Cohort! After nearly a year of organizing, creating partnerships and a difficult applicant selection process, 4 Haitian students have been selected to participate in the launch of this exclusive, annual program that will be hosted this summer on the campuses of Albany State University and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

B.E.L., which is an acronym for Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership focuses on key areas that can re-define the economy of Haiti. Those key areas include leadership, tourism, renewable energy and international business. Students will be instructed by a unique set of instructors comprised of business owners, start-up founders, university professors and even student leaders! But the program is not all lectures; it also includes practical learning like visits to renewable energy facilities, tech labs and incubators, and tourist attractions to name a few. The goal is for students to find economic and social solutions that they can take back to implement in their community, in Haiti. We are also teaming up with a Haiti-based incubator to ensure students have a connection with a business mentor once they return. Like Daniel Jean-Louis & Jacqueline Klamer, we are creating an environment that fosters the idea “from Aid to Trade”.

We are working diligently to make this program free of charge to all Haitian participants. Your generosity, and the support of our corporate partners continue to grow this important program.

Meet our 2017 Cohort and Future Leaders of Haiti

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