Tamarre Torchon, Trailblazer Award Winner

Trailblazers pave the way with their success in business and personal and community life. They lead their communities with their success and desire to lift up those around them. Tamarre Torchon’s passion for helping others has always been an important contributor in the decisions she has made and will continue to make. As Director of Solid Foundation Christian Academy, Torchon is dedicated to helping strengthen the community and building leaders for the future.

Reginald Grand’Pierre, Torch Bearer Award Winner

Torch Bearers keep the conversation for a developed Haiti alive through their speech and actions, and they have been doing so consistently for a period of time. Reginald Grand’Pierre is the founder of Total Maintenance Inc., a residential cleaning provider in Atlanta and the Itiah Coffee Initiative. Itiah Coffee, is a Georgia corporation engaged in promoting Haitian grown coffee in North America and positively impacting the lives of Haitian coffee producers by committing a portion of the sales to fund educational and other development activities in rural Haiti.

Reginald DesRoches, Keeper of the Legacy Award Winner

Keepers of the Legacy are the creators and guardians of the new future for Haiti in word and deed. They ensure continuity and future leadership as mentors of young men and women. Reginald DesRoches, chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will become dean of Rice University’s George R. Brown School of Engineering on July 1, 2017.