Chamber Membership Leads to Commercial and Residential Contracts for Member Company Total Maintenance, Inc.

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Grand-PierreOn July 26, 2011 I attended a meeting of the Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce (GAHCCI), at the Georgia Bar Association with several other members of the Haitian community in Atlanta. The common denominator of the attendees was our passion for Haiti and its heritage. The presentation focused on an economic plan to strengthen the Haitian community in GA and to develop dynamic partnerships between the Diaspora and Haiti’s business community. I decided on the spot that I would join my efforts with the meetings organizers along with the other motivated individuals present that day. For the past five years I have participated in workshops and attended as many GHACCI functions as possible.

My involvement and continued support of the GHACCI is two folds:

  1. Growing my business
  2. Strengthening my community.

The activities initiated, sponsored and promoted by the chamber over the years have generated business leads that have turned into commercial and residential contracts for my cleaning company, Total Maintenance, Inc.  I have gained valuable insight and information by meeting with Haitian Government officials, SBA administration personnel and other business owners through GHACCI on matters related to Haiti and the U.S. business sectors. This in turn has aided in the development of Itiah Coffee, LLC, a Georgia-based corporation which imports coffee from Haiti for sell in North America.

Additionally, the network of contacts I have developed because of my affiliation with the Chamber, has allowed me to deepen my connection to the Haitian community in Atlanta. By creating an environment where liked minded individuals come together, GAHCCI facilitates meeting and engaging with professionals and other business owners interested in strengthening Georgia’s and Haiti’s business communities. It is great to be part of a community of action-orientated individuals.

I believe a lot more is to come from GHACCI and its members and look forward to working with them.


Reginald Grand’Pierre, Owner

Total Maintenance, Inc.

541 10th St NW # 267, Atlanta, GA 30318-5713

(404) 756-9324

Founder of Itiah Coffee, LLC.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Itiah Coffee.


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