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Committed to Building Our Community

We are committed to building a stronger Haitian community in Atlanta. We do that by sharing resources and making connections between businesses and the people of our community.

Business & Events Directory

Our community’s economic well being is dependent upon our ability to buy from each other, and sell to each other. To do so, we need to know who is selling what, and who wants to buy what. A robust Business Directory with ALL of the Haitian Businesses in the State of Georgia listed is our access.

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Deals is a members-only service.  As a registered member of the Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, you may promote your business by offering deals through the GAHCCI web site. These deals are available to all visitors to the GAHCCI web site, and can be seen on our Deals page.

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You are already a member and you are interested in listing a Deal? Contact us for step-by-step instructions to list your Deal. Be sure to check back often as Deals change frequently!

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