Tracye Hutchins, CBS46, Mistress of Ceremonies

Tracye joined CBS46 in the spring of 2007 to co-host the morning show.  Prior to arriving in Atlanta, Tracye worked for the CBS affiliate KFMB in San Diego, California. But that was only after spending 4 years in Atlanta working at CNN Headline News covering world news events, daily health stories and entertainment features. Tracye was live on the air during major breaking news stories including the break-up of the Columbia space shuttle over Texas and the capture of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Frank Ski, Radio Host, Master of Ceremonies

Frank has hosted the top-rated radio program ‘The Frank Ski Show’ since 1985. With record breaking Arbitron Ratings at V103 & 92Q in Baltimore, Atlanta’s V-103 and WHUR Washington. Ski balances music with celebrity guests and discussions of culture, local and national headlines and topical subject matter that means the most to the African American community.  When not on-air or in front of the camera, philanthropy is Frank Ski’s passion. Ski’s most notable philanthropic venture is the Frank Ski Kids Foundation.