Leading and Doing Business with Purpose

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In my experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from all walks of life, I can undoubtedly conclude that our goals and visions to start, operate, and grow businesses are born out of a greater purpose for all.  In fact, when taking an honest look at your organization and others’ organizations, there’s always a background conversation about the fulfillment of something bigger than oneself.

From a leadership standpoint, most entrepreneurs constantly seek to reinvent themselves as they’re acutely aware of a simple fact: What got them to where they are, will not take them to where they want to go. Simply put, effective entrepreneurs leading with a clear purpose refuse to settle for anything less than seeing their vision alive and fully realized in the world. However, the challenge most leaders face, sooner or later, is that the greater purpose, which had ignited it all, tends to gradually fade away. It is typically replaced by an endless loop of doing, striving and achieving, but barely connected to, or aligned with the original purpose.

Take a look at yourself and those around you. Notice that most leaders do not reinvent themselves. They simply reiterate or reinforce the principles and approaches learnt or inherited from other leaders over the years. Despite their firm belief in shifting their trajectory, businesses and organizations are trapped in a vicious cycle.  You know, it looks as if we are going somewhere yet we are not leading much differently than our leaders from the past.

Undoubtedly, there is an opportunity for a new conversation about leadership and being a leader in today’s business world. Perhaps history keeps repeating itself because we have blindly adopted views, have drawn conclusions, and have developed strategies and techniques from leaders who died thousands of years ago. Those leaders had limited knowledge of human beings’ capacity to collaborate, and fear was the main fuel for their thought process, behavior, and leadership skills.

We know that leaders, throughout history, have mostly been concerned with ruling, conquering, defending, oppressing, extinguishing, etc. However, what we refuse to confront is that our approach is no different. Perhaps the very mechanics of our brain controlling our social interactions are also constraining us from leading our organizations, communities and families.  In spite of our good intentions, we end up mirroring the leaders we have devotedly criticized or shunned.

I believe we have an opportunity to truly create a new conversation and shift the narrative about leadership and being a leader for our organizations and communities – a conversation within which the past doesn’t overtly mold our ability to lead from our innate purpose or our raison-d’être.

The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and I invite you to join us in a thought-provoking and intellectually enriching conversation about the possibility of a new direction of leadership and being a leader in business.

Giovanni Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mindful Performance Blueprint

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Giovanni Gonzalez is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mindful Performance Blueprint (MPB). MPB is a business consulting company committed to elevating the performance of individuals and organizations through the transformation of culture, leadership development, and the implementation of strategic leadership initiatives. MPB also provides clients with world-class expertise in corporate branding and marketing.

Mr. Gonzalez has a bachelor degree in international affairs with a concentration in international business and a master in the science of management and leadership. With over a decade of experience, Mr. Gonzalez has trained hundreds of business professionals from Fortune 500 companies within North America and internationally, including the Colombian government and one of the world’s largest copper mines in Africa.

Anecdotes of Giovanni’s life and his personal transformation have been published in his book “La Mente de un Inmigrante.”  (The Mind of an Immigrant, 2011) This book is a simple conversation which has inspired many to transform their lives while altering the perception of what’s truly possible in this adventure we call LIFE.

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