NAZAIRE PIERRE-LOUIS, Artist Donates Paintings to Raise Money for Scholarship Fund

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Painting 2Born May 26, 1972 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Nazaire Pierre-Louis whose artist name is (Nazito) is the son of famous Haitian painter Prospere Pierre-Louis. His siblings Reginald Pierre-Louis also artist/painter Redgy Prosperous II, Natasha Pierre-Louis, and Jackson Pierre-Louis died in 2000. His father was one of the greatest craftsmen of the Saint Soleil movement. His mother Rosanna, Milord was a dressmaker. Nazaire made his debut in painting during his 18th birthday, May 1990 at his father’s workshop. He did his primary education at the Mission Mountain School Soisson and he studied at the Secondary College Baptist Mission Fermathe. He always admired his father who always advised him to prioritize painting. From February 1997 to December 1999 he studied at the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogota, Columbia. There he studied Fine Arts.

On December 1999, he went back to Port-au-Prince where he met Jean-Claude Garoute (Tiga) who was the main leader of the movement Saint Soleil and friend of his father Prospere Pierre-Louis. Garoute analyzed some of his works and named him a true artist. From 2000-2002 Nazaire attended painting classes and workshops where he practiced everything Tiga thought him. He was always interested in being a diplomat. In 2003 entered the prestigious Académie National Diplomatique et Consulaire (ANDC) where he studied Diplomatic sciences. Nazaire graduated in Diplomacy and International Relations in 2008. There he also met Jean François Alberta whom he married in 2008 and had a son named Alberto Pierre-Louis. Nazaire graduated in Diplomacy and International Relations in 2008.

  • Nazaire has a lot of experience. He’s had plenty of exposure participating in many exhibitions.
  • 2009 Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand in Haiti.
  • April 2013 he exhibited at the Museum of Haitian National Pantheon (MUPANAH)
  • Participated several times in the National Fair “Artisanat en Fête.”
  • 2014 he was invited to attend the inauguration l’inauguration de l’exposition intitulé Haïti
    deux siècles de création artistique’’ (Grand Palais in Paris) by the French Minister of Culture and communication.

Nazaire participates in almost all Cultural activities in Haiti. His works are documented everywhere in Haiti (embassies, governmental/nongovernmental organizations, private and state institutions, and abroad.

Nazaire’s work will be displayed and available for you to purchase during the silent auction held at the Future Leaders Scholarship Banquet.  To RSVP today, go to:

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