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Career coach and author Tamara S. Raymond will lead the GAHCCI POWER LUNCH HOUR WEBINAR , starting at noon, on February 20, 2018.

About the Author:

Tamara S. Raymond is a certified leadership coach with extensive experience in helping people find their career path and reach their full potential. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lawrence University, a master’s degree in organizational sciences from George Washington University, and a graduate-level certificate in leadership coaching. In her work, Raymond often uses The Birkman Method, one of the most effective personality assessments in the world, for which she has been certified. Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career, is her first book.


New Career Book Gains Media Attention, Helps Young Adults Find Their Way

HAMPTON ROADS, VA—February 2017—Career coach and expert Tamara S. Raymond’s burning desire to help young people land in the right career has been translated into a new book, Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career, that’s getting press attention and reader accolades. Published by New York-based Morgan James Publishing, the book aims to help high-school and college-age students land quickly in the career that best suits them. Raymond’s message is not only resonating with readers, but also their parents, who in this current world of high college costs want to see their children enter the right major the first time around.

Careering springs from Raymond’s own work journey. Raymond, who is a millennial and the founder and president of Hampton Roads-based Innovative Management Consulting, began her professional career in the human resources field but struggled to find her rhythm there. Later, after she began her master’s studies in organizational sciences, she understood why: She loved helping others, but she loved doing it one-on-one in her own unique way; she did not love doing it by the numbers according to a dry company handbook.

Today, Raymond has found career happiness and shares her secret in Careering, which is available for purchase online and in brick-and-mortar stores. The paperback retails for $9.95. Raymond wrote the guide, which is small enough to fit into a pant pocket like its name suggests, to help other millennials discover their passions and aptitudes—the key to landing in a career that’s right for them—more quickly than she did, she says. It urges them to try out many jobs, activities, and programs that will give them insight into their interests and strengths, and advises them on how to go about doing that; for instance, it suggests they learn more about The Birkman Method, a test that helped Raymond in her career journey.

Careering is interactive, with exercises students can respond to on blank lines, making each copy a unique tool for each individual. The guide also advises readers on the nuts and bolts of careering: how to create a resume, network, and interview; how not to use social media; who to approach for references and how to use those references; and so much more.

“During my graduate studies at George Washington University, I was exposed to The Birkman Method, a personality-assessment test. Birkman helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and put me on the path to doing what I do today: help people across the career spectrum deliver peak work performances and young adults find a career that best suits them,” Raymond says. “My work really fulfills me now, and with Careering, I hope to play a role in helping young people find fulfilling work too.”

For more information about Careering or to schedule an interview with Raymond, please call Cheryl Ross at 757-681-2116 or email her at


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