Welcome Home Naomy Grand’Pierre!

By August 25, 2016Featured

The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce welcomes Naomi Grand’Pierre (our pride)

N (1)The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, perched on the 18th floor of the Atlanta Financial Center, at the World Trade Center Atlanta, the new home of the chamber, meets with our pride of the Olympic games in the category of swimming, Naomi Grand- Pierre. The goal of the meeting was to congratulate and honor her for participating by representing Haiti, our country, at the Olympic games in Rio, Brazil.

Mr. Saurel Quettan, the president of the Chamber, told me that he organized this meeting because of the pride her action brings to our country. It is not every day we see a 19 year-old of Haitian decent who has been raised on the soil of the USA decide to represent our country instead of the USA when you know how lucrative representing the USA would have been for her had she had chosen to do so.

It was a very cosy environment. A very selective group of members from the Chamber was there to encourage her in her endeavor and to promise to support her in any ways possible. She was named honorary member of the chamber for life. This entitles her to continue representing our country via sports on our behalf. Of course, we are looking forward to connect her with our officials in Haiti. In that meeting, we have already anticipated her participation in the next Olympic games of 2020 and we all promised to the Chamber to make it possible.

It is time for us to gather our strength behind our talents, whether in Haiti or abroad to bring the best out of our people to promote our Haitian heritage throughout the world. It is not a simple task but it is not impossible. As a people, we are the ambassadors of our beautiful land. It is our duty to, politics aside, work together as a civilized nation, not the one we see on Hollywood movies, but the First Black Republic that other nations emulate.

As always, the Chamber, under the leadership of Mr. Saurel Quettan, continues to empower every segment of our ethnic group positively. Keep it up and chapeau again.

Writier: Dugue Dumond, GAHCCI press attaché

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