4 Pitfalls to Avoid to Make the Very Best Business Decisions

Whether small or large, no matter the industry you’re in, whether you have 1 or 300 employees, the fate of your business is determined by the decisions you make. As powerful as dominos falling, your decisions set off chain reactions throughout your organization that impact the decisions of your employees, your clients, and even your […]

How To Cause High-Performing Teams and Companies

For centuries, the business world has been operating inside of a model where high productivity is synonymous to high performance. Author Jim Collins starts chapter 1 of his book, Good to Great, with: “Good Is the Enemy of Great.” So, let us begin this exploration with my own assertion that: “high productivity is the enemy of […]

You are NOT Coachable

In my 25+ years as a Leadership Coach, time and time again, being coachable proves to be a reliable access to high performance. For me, being coachable is the foundational practice for Being the Leader You Most Respect. Now, let us explore how to get the most out of any coaching relationship. How do you know when you are NOT […]

Roadmap to High Performance

This article introduces the practices for generating and sustaining high performance for yourself, your teams, and your organization. This roadmap (aka model) is most useful when you, yourself, and your team, take a trip with it to discover and embody the lessons that only the experience can teach. Though stimulating, an intellectual grasp of the […]