Speaker and Sponsor Forms

Objective:  The objective of the Programs Committee is to provide members and non-member business owners greater
visibility by creating programs in as many of the local counties as possible where these members and
partners present to the public on their areas of expertise.

Process: There are two types of events that the Chamber endeavors to promote for the public:

  1. One is through the Chamber monthly programs; and
  2. Second is the opportunity for the public to utilize the Chamber’s platform to promote their own, non-Chamber, events:
    • CommerceWorx Featured Panel Speaker – Monthly in person meetings; 1-3 panel members
    • Webinars – once a month (live panel) (1-3 panel members)
    • Sponsoring of CommerceWorx events (4-6 sponsors per event; TBD based on venue size)


First, pricing for Chamber events, per membership level:

  • Member Pricing:
    All members have free attendance to CommerceWorx events

    • Legacy – 1 panel or 2 sponsorship per year
    • Excelsior – 1 sponsor per year and 20% discount off price for non-members
    • Anchor – 20% discount off price for non-members
  • Non-Member Pricing:
    Attendance at CommerceWorx events: $20

    • CommerceWorx Panel Speaker Opportunity – $250
    • Webinar panel member opportunity – $100
    • Sponsorship of CommerceWorx – $150

Second, pricing for Chamber of support for the public’s own, non-Chamber, programs. The support provided by the chamber is communication through our email and social media platforms to promote the events. The Chamber will promote up to two times (2x) via email blasts & two times (2x) via social media posts.

  • Legacy – no charge for one program per year
  • Excelsior – $200 per program
  • Anchor – $250 per program
  • Non-member – $500 per program

If interested in being a speaker or a sponsor, please email events@gahcci.org.


If interested in collaborating with the chamber to promote your program, please email events@gahcci.org.


Thank you. We look forward to your partnership.