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Scholarship Fund Program Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements


GAHCCI Scholarship Recipients for 2023

Mikhail Chery
GPA 4.279
Alaina Crisostomo
GPA 4.217
Steven Exil
GPA 4.190
Saima Chavanet
GPA 3.907

Applicants must:

  • Be a resident of the State of Georgia.
  • Be Haitian or of Haitian heritage.
  • Be a high school senior. 
  • Have a GPA of 3.2 (weighted) or higher.
  • Submit a current school transcript.
  • Submit an acceptance letter to a two-year or four-year college or university.
  • Not be a previous winner from any of our GAHCCI Foundation Scholarships.  
  • Not be an employee or an intern with GAHCCI.
  • They must not be related to any GAHCCI Board of Director Members, Foundation staff members, or corporate sponsors. 
  • Complete the entire scholarship application process, including essays, by the deadline.


** Haitian Heritage Defined: being of Haitian descent refers to descendants of Haiti’s inhabitants, whether they currently live in Haiti or have roots there through their ancestry. This connection can be through one or both parents who are ethnically Haitian regardless of the individual’s birthplace. People of Haitian descent might identify culturally, linguistically, and historically with Haiti, maintaining various traditions, practices, and the Haitian Creole or French languages. The diaspora is widespread globally.



  •  **Falsification of any information on a scholarship application will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Completed applications are accepted from 4/15/24 to 6/15/24.
  • Application deadline 6/15/24 at 11:59 PM

APPLICATION: All applicants must submit all required documentation, complete the application, and submit two essays. Please follow all instructions and meet the submission deadline.


We use a scoring rubric to judge each essay. The evaluation of the scholarship applications and essays is assessed and
reviewed by our Scholarship Selection Committee, which comprises four teachers.

In scoring, four is the highest score or number of points an essay can receive from an evaluator. Since four evaluators read each essay, the maximum score an essay can receive is sixteen points.

Score Description:

  • 4 points – It addresses the writing task, demonstrates a clear understanding of purpose, maintains a consistent
    point of focus and organizational structure, and contains few errors in the English language conventions
    (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling).
  • 3 points – It demonstrates a general understanding of the purpose, addresses all parts of the writing task,
    and makes a few errors in English language conventions.
  • 2 points – It addresses only part of the writing task, demonstrates little understanding of purpose, and contains
    several errors in English language conventions.
  • 1 point – It addresses only one part of the writing task, demonstrates no understanding of purpose, and
    contains serious errors in English language conventions.

AWARDS: Each scholarship recipient will receive a monetary prize. This scholarship award is to assist recipients during their tenure in college. This is a one-time payment and is non-renewable.

NOTIFICATION OF AWARD: All award recipients will be contacted via the phone number and email listed on their application. The scholarship selection committee will decide on the awards on July 15, 2024.

     DISBURSEMENT OF SCHOLARSHIPS: Award recipients will receive a check payable in their name.

     RECIPIENTS’ OBLIGATIONS: Award recipients must attend a photo/video showcase to showcase them as winners of the scholarship and the Awards Gala on August 3, 2024, at the Whitley Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta. Awarded scholars will agree to commit to future support of the GAHCCI Foundation.  

    REVISIONS: The GAHCCI Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures and may change or terminate this scholarship program at any time.